Why ONE?

The staff and leadership have been looking at the vision of where we are going as a church and where God is really leading us. We believe this vision God has put in front of us is such a huge thing that we, as a church body, need to come together and unite around one idea. That one idea, or burden, is that there are people in our community that need the life change that only Jesus can bring. There are people who are dying and going to hell in our community, and God has charged us with introducing them to Jesus. And so for ONE year, in ONE Service we will focus on ONE thing. We will be a church that prays for and goes to those that need Jesus.

ONE Church

ONE Church - the word used in the New Testament is “ekklesia”. It simply means “the gathering”. And so for ONE year we will be ONE Gathering so we can join together to have …

ONE Prayer

ONE Prayer - That prayer is the prayer of Isaiah, “Here I am, send me.” We pray that, so God would send us on …

ONE Mission

ONE Mission - to go out to those who need Jesus, introduce them to our savior and invite them into a relationship with Him and a community who joins together because of Him.

ONE Service at 10:15am.